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CORC developed a 25000 ton Silo

Dr.H.Shirzad, Agriculture-Jahad deputy minister and CEO of CORC announced the beginning operation of a 25000 ton silo in Milajerd.

According to PAT (the information center of CORC) Shirzad, during the opening ceremony of silo in Markazi province, said that this project had initiated by the cooperation of Milajerd rural cooperative(Komyjan county,Markazi province) and Sina bank and supported by the deputy rural development  and deprived areas of first Vice Presiden.

"This project demanded 3.5 billion Rials which 2 billion was supplied by bank facilities and the remaining was provided by the cooperative member partnership", Shirzad implied.

In the meantime, he also added that Milajerd rural cooperative with 1800 membership and covers 13 villages. Appreciating the outstanding participatory approach of the cooperative members, he stated that up to now, 3700-ton wheat grain has stored in one section.

Emphasizing the supportive approach of CORC toward this initiative, Shirzad named yield increasing, food security, sustainable entrepreneurship and farmers' welfare as the significant goals of this project.


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